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Monday, November 17, 2014

Refreshed and Recharged - What Inspires You?

I had an amazing Saturday and I "worked" from 8 am until 7 pm. But how I participated this weekend has me so connected to our mission and inspired, I couldn't not pass up the opportunity to share it.
I'll start with end of the day - Cenikor graduation on Saturday night. This event always motivates me in such a profound way. We had 3 gentlemen and 1 lady graduate from our long-term treatment program in Deer Park, Texas. Ages ranged from 28 - 56, and the graduates were from Texas, Louisiana and New York. Most would think these people "gave up" almost 2 years of their lives in in-patient treatment. But as they spoke at graduation, each person was so grateful for the opportunity to make a change, re-connect with their family, to be working and to have rebuilt their work ethic and self-esteem..... I just felt my heart lift a few inches and it was full of pride and love for these extraordinary individuals who had prevailed and overcome so much adversity. My favorite quote of the night was "I'm now able to stop just surviving and have a life that is worth living." I was so proud to be one small part of an organization that can help make this possible. Graduation never fails to put the rest of my world in perspective!
Another group that inspired me Saturday was our board of directors and senior management team during our quarterly board meeting held that afternoon. We have a remarkable board of directors who all volunteer their time and serve, and each of them are influential leaders and experts in their industry or field of work. We also had 13 members of our senior management team in attendance, director level and above. At one point, there was a question of how many of the senior management team had participated in our Leadership Development Program during the last 3 years and 10 hands went up. Then the question of how many of those had received promotions since participating and all 10 hands stayed up. The hard work they put into our LEAD program was certainly evident! As I watched our senior managers present about their program or department, and then deftly answer multiple detailed questions from the board members, again, I felt my heart swell with pride at the expertise and professionalism exhibited by my fellow Cenikor family members.
And last but not least are the two applicants I had the opportunity to interview first thing when I arrived at Deer Park Saturday morning. They are candidates for nurse positions for our new detox program we are starting in Deer Park by 01/01/15. These two ladies were both mission driven, having such a heart for service to others, as well as solid experience in their field and remarkable stories of perseverance themselves. I look forward to their potential impact on clients when we open the doors on the new program. They will be some of the newest additions to the Cenikor family.
So people serve as my inspiration, a variety of people, and the common thread is they are all striving to be better for themselves and for others.
I came away from the weekend refreshed, recharged and most of all INSPIRED for this week!
Where do you get your inspiration?
I hope you have an opportunity to serve and make a difference today!

Kellee Webb, SPHR

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