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Monday, July 21, 2014

TGIM, Seriously?! Yes, Seriously. Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Mondays!

I know you might be thinking... "What is this?  Just some sun-shiney social media BS?"  Don't get me wrong; I love Fridays too!  But indulge me while I share my top 5 reasons why I so appreciate Mondays:

1) Back into my routine -  I admit it, after I sweat through my extra-long Saturday morning workout or long run, I have earned my relaxation for the rest of the weekend.  I enjoy sitting on patios, having a cheat meal or two during the weekend.  We have the best Tex-Mex in Houston (www.lupetortilla.com - best beef fajitas EVER, dont miss!).  There are also multiple food parks with awesome food trucks, some even healthy (www.rawveganchefrenee.com - and she even delivers to your house!).  Most of all, I enjoy spending time with family and friends when in town and traveling when we have time.  But we humans are creatures of habit.  I enjoy getting back on my daily schedule for workouts, healthy eating and most of all, back to what challenges me and where I can make a difference.

2) The Cenikor mission and my Cenikor family - (www.cenikor.org) I know when I show up on Monday morning, I get the opportunity to contribute to something bigger than me.  I get to be of service to a wonderful group of people -  I get to be a resource, sustain our culture, help develop our leaders and ensure the entire family's needs are met - so they can serve our clients and help them overcome addictions and mental health issues.   I work with an amazing senior management team, all driving to be of service and make a difference.  Some days we are able to do that because of our commitment to healthy conflict and some days in spite of that! :)

3) Fresh start on goals for the week - At the beginning of each day, but especially at the beginning of each week, I feel like I have an opportunity to push myself to achieve more than I did yesterday or last week.  Same thing for our team - what can we do better or differently than we did before?  Before diving in, I re-evaluate where I am on annual strategic goals, where we are on current department goals/priorities and current HR needs from our facilities.

4) I love HR - So, I am no "pollyanna". I have good days and bad, just like everyone else (the workouts help ensure more good than bad!).  I am conscious of my strengths (see Strengths Based Leadership) and strive to lead with those and create flow for myself and others when I can. But mostly, I thrive when I am around people.... positive, productive, fun, competitive, genuine and passionate people!  So you can guess the type of culture we hire for, train for, measure and role model for as an executive team.  An organization so focused on our mission to our clients and equally committed to its employees (family), actually makes the daily transactions of HR easier and makes us laser focused on the strategic aspects of HR.  The lives of our Cenikor family and lives of Cenikor clients depend on it, without question.  Failure is not an option and it is the ultimate motivation.

5) I love the balance - Of course I say TGIF too!  As with everything, it's all about balance.  I wouldn't appreciate Mondays like I do if I didn't get a chance to relax, regroup, recharge over the weekends (see #1).  If I never had any days away from the rest of exec team, our conflict might not be so healthy. :)

But I can tell you, my passion for HR and people and Cenikor doesn't turn off at 5 pm on Friday.  I might be reading a new leadership book, following my favorite HR/leadership/legal pros on twitter, or thinking about ideas for my next blog post.  Because HR and service are my passion, it's not a chore or a task.  It's who I am, it's what I enjoy and I will not apologize for it.

So if you are not currently fired about Mondays, it's OK.  Obviously the first step is to pick a career where you love what you do and it builds on your strengths.  As Gardner says in Self-Renewal, "Abundant resources of energy seem available to those who enjoy what they are doing or find meaning in what they are doing.  Self-renewing people know that if they have no great conviction about what they are doing they had better find something they can have great conviction about."

Once you have found your passion, I recommend focusing on areas where you can effect change, whether it's helping to shape the culture of your organization, being aware of and leading from your strengths to find your best flow, or even changing certain personal habits (see Power of Habits by Charles Duhigg) to create the most productive environment for you and your team.


I hope you have the opportunity to serve and make a difference today!

Kellee Webb, SPHR

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