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Welcome to Purposeful HR

Welcome to Purposeful HR

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Purposeful HR - So why another HR blog?

So here we go with my first blog post, and I had to ask myself why?  There are many knowledgeable HR pros putting out usable information every day.  Some of my favorites include HRCapitalist.com, HRBartender.com, HRNasty.com, UpstartHR.com, as well as those sites with multiple contributors like FistfulofTalent.com and TLNT.com.  But I've yet to come across the HR blog for non-profits, and there are some unique challenges faced by non-profits.

Me personally, I've worked for both for-profits and non-profits, but my passion is to work for a non-profit; it's where I am most fulfilled.  However, I have found there is a continuum with idealism on one end and accountability on the other.  Too many non-profits are so far to the idealistic side, and all too often accountability and the ability to set goals and make good business decisions just goes by the wayside, or funding doesn't allow for necessary improvements, and the non-profit does not achieve their mission. While I am passionate about working for a non-profit, I am DEFINITELY on the accountability side of the continuum and was struggling to find an organization who had the right mix.

In July 2009, problem solved!  An opportunity became available, and I finally found the perfect "home".  I was hired by Cenikor Foundation, a non-profit with a mission of serving those in need of behavioral health and/or substance abuse treatment.  I am part of an executive team and report to a CEO who believes as strongly as I do about running a non-profit as professionally as a for-profit, with a laser focus on our goals for our mission, finances and culture.  Over the past several years, we have put tools and processes in place that have been hugely successful, and we've been invited to speak at national conferences for our industry about our culture, our leadership development program and our outcomes. The participants were eager for the information and we were happy to share.  The industry interest in our success, along with some prompting from Kris Dunn, HR Capitalist, got me to thinking I may have something to contribute to the blogosphere.

And then most recently our executive team worked with Lane Sloan, author of Develop a Leadership Plan, Become a Great Leader. I know you might be thinking, OK, another leadership book, so what?  For me, the session with Lane helped specifically define my personal purpose not only to be a servant leader, but to inspire an army of servant leaders who want to make a difference in the lives of others, both in Cenikor and in other non-profits.  Therefore, the creation of PurposefulHR.

So now you know a bit about me and the purpose of this blog.  I look forward to sharing information on both the successes and the misses as I strive to be a servant leader and nurture this culture at Cenikor Foundation and beyond.  Whether you are the HR pro, a manager, or executive for your organization, hopefully you will find this perspective useful for how you lead and serve to achieve your mission.

I hope you have an opportunity to serve and make a difference today!

Kellee Webb, SPHR

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